– Irvine Robbins

You look at any giant corporation, and I mean the biggies, and they all started with a guy with an idea...

What exactly do you sell?

I sell graphic artwork and design for all marketing mediums including print, web and mobile devices.   I develop visual solutions that promote and enhance a service, product, philosophy or entity with intent to increase sales and stimulate customer interest.

How much does it cost to work with you?

My rates vary depending on the product or service, but a quote is free and clients are under no obligation to purchase to receive an estimate.  In this day and age, where customer service is a lost commodity, it is my number one, most important offering. I stand behind what I do.  My rates are fair and competitive while my products are high quality; therefore, call today to 859.227.5999 or email to receive a quote. 


I also offer discounts to clients who recommend  me to other companies and clients who utilize my services.

How long will the project take to complete?

It will depend on the project.  However, quick turn around, is a strength of mine.  Communication is the key and a timeline will be agreed upon at the onsite of every project.  A logo, depending on client feedback and availability, can be as quick as three – five days where a website generally takes two to three weeks for an average size site.  If you need a rush order, just ask!  Flexibility is my middle name!

Can you start right away?

Yes, providing I am not on vacation.  I love what I do and can’t wait to get started on the next new project! 

What does the process involve?

It starts with a questionnaire (brief)  which will be used to develop a concept or idea for the project.  Client input may be specific or abstract.  Time is spent reviewing the brief and asking follow-up questions. Next, I will begin developing sample design work or mockups for the client to review and provide feedback. Once a design concept is finalized, the revision process will begin.  This involves finalizing an option or making revisions until exactly the right direction is reached.


Artwork is supplied via email and/or made available for download. Specific file requests can be provided. The visual systems created are used for a variety of purposes — websites, stationery, vehicle wraps, billboard advertising.  Additional collateral is also an option.


The offering doesn’t end once a client pays the final installment. Should any design-related questions crop-up, I’m on hand to provide an answer, or to offer assistance with design application. I can help with print procurement, or any related issue that might arise.

What exactly do I receive during the course of the project?

The designs are shown in a variety of contexts to visualize how the identity adapts and flexes across different touch points.  This can include pdf, jpeg or png formats.


When everyone’s happy, all necessary artwork is supplied in original formats with full ownership transferring to the client.

Can you make my design look similar to this?

If a client has a specific design that they would like to see and it does not infringe on an existing company or copyright, yes I can design it!  Several of my clients have outstanding ideas that I bring to life.  This is just as fun for me as creating my own ideas!  I love it when I hear a client say, “That’s exactly the image I had in my head!”

You’re in a different country from me. Will this affect things?

Several of my clients are overseas and most are out of state.  This hasn’t adversely affected any of my projects, and as much as I enjoy meeting face-to-face, I’ve found that talking on the phone, Skype, and through email can save everyone considerable time that would otherwise be spent travelling to and from meetings. 

How do you accept payment?

I accept credit card via PayPal or check depending on the project.  A down payment may be requested for some projects.

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