Money never starts an idea; it is the idea that starts the money.

William J. Cameron


Graphic Design

Logo and graphic design is the majority of what I do.  Most of my customers are in start-up mode or are looking for a brand make-over, requiring  a skilled and professional graphic artist to help develop or bring a concept to life.  

We will begin with a  I!D Questionnaire to assess your needs and will work through the process until you are 100% satisfied with your product. After, we finalize the design, I will provide you with all formats needed for print and web use.


Web Design

In this day and age, a website presence is critical to the success of a business and yet often, it is the most neglected marketing medium.  I can design a website for your company that will not only knock the socks off your customers, but I can do it in programs that are easy to maintain. Using Word Press, Squarespace, Wix & other user friendly programs, website development is not as complicated as it used to be; therefore, making it more affordable for businesses.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look like you did!


Marketing / Branding

Whether you purchase a new logo or have an existing one,  a comprehensive brand/marketing portfolio is critical for success. Reaching your target audience is not enough anymore; you must connect.  Ideaist Designs will help you achieve this by working with your company to develop the appropriate strategy and product base to entice and engage your customers.  Products include, Corporate ID Packages, Promotional Items, Print and Web Materials, Social Media advertising / campaigns and much, much more. 

Train Your Organization

Most companies are busy doing what they do best...making products.  Often times, they do not have the background or expertise to market to their customers, both internal and external.  Ideaist Designs, not only provides visual design to build or improve your marketing portfolio, it can also train your organization how to communicate effectively through visual or marketing communication.  


Courses Include:


      •  Communication Strategy & Development

      •  How to Build Your Brand

      •  Presentation Power
      •  Social Media Science


•  Graphic Design Principle / Theory


•  Website Development  and/or Maintenance

•  Market Research / Analysis

•  Custom Training - just ask!